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Employee Recognition

The CP Rochester family of employees is made up of hundreds of dedicated and compassionate people, from all walks of life, who are committed to the mission to serve. It is a testament to the culture of our agency that so many employees stay for 10, 20, 30, and more years!

At various times during the year, staff are honored for many things: their years of service, and also for being a role model to other employees. Please take a moment to learn about the wonderful people who have been recently honored at events that celebrate their success at CP Rochester!


Winners: John Horvath Professional Service Award

Tina Bennett, Laurie Gendron, Dianne Clar, and *not pictured* Reneisha Edwards are our winners of the John Horvath Professional Service Award. John Horvath has been involved with the Board of Directors since at least 1980 and remains so today. He has been part of the Executive and Finance Committees holding various positions. John has also served as the Al Sigl Board Delegate and serves on the Finance Committee for CP of NYS. He is part of the CP Rochester Wall of Honor for his dedicated commitment to improving the lives of people with disabilities through effective Board Leadership. This inaugural award is presented annually to CP Rochester employees who in and through their work display the qualities and professionalism inherent in the agency Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles.


Finalists: John Horvath Professional Service Award

The following employees were nominated for the 2020 John Horvath Professional Service Award: Elma Reid, Tina Bennett, Laurie Gendron, Carrie Webster, Rebecca Anderson, Erin Greenfield, Dianne Clar, Karissa West, Julie Dana, and *not pictured* Reneisha Edwards

2021 Years of Service Awardees




                                       30 Years of Service

                                       Tim Hillen, Adaptive Modification Manager


                                       25 Years of Service

                                       Joanne Huenemoerder-Dohse, Director of Quality Assurance



                                       20 Years of Service

                                       Carrie Webster, Music Therapist

                                       *not pictured* Kathryn Leonard, Senior Day Hab Supervisor               



                                       15 Years of Service

                                       Kimberly Frye, Residential DSP, Kristi Powers, Residential Habilitation 

                                       Coordinator, Colleen Nevin, Patient Care Coordinator



                                      10 Years of Service

                                      Jasmine Henry, Residential DSP, Michelle Cummings, Residential Manager,

                                      Raquel Colon-Hicks, Incident Coordinator, Genevieve Palermo,Clinic Aide II, 

                                      Karissa West, Community Based Habilitator


                                       5 Years of Service

                                       Kierra Dry, Residential DSP, Lindsay Ballard, Residential Manager,

                                       Debra Goen, Paraprofessional II, Rene Sandroni, Associate Director of Finance,

                                       Rebecca Anderson, Clinic Supervisor,

                                       *not pictured* Josh Miller, SportsNet Supervisor





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