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Joan Taylor Testimony

I was initially asked if I was interested in participating in SSA, as I had been skiing for most of my adult life.  During my first day with my student, I had an amazing experience. We were both trying something new for the first time – she was going to try skiing, I was going to try encouraging her to learn to love skiing....

As we were going up the lift, getting acquainted, I told her I was excited to be doing this with her.
She expressed some trepidation, a little nervousness – ok, a lot of nervousness.... we both were nervous – all of a sudden she said to me, “We Can Do This, People !!!” as she playfully smacked me in the helmet. Here she was, encouraging me - and I realized that her mantra was quite true – what were we to be scared about? We were going to have a great new experience together.
After that, we agreed that we could do it, and off the lift we went.

We skied together for the entire 8 week program, and she progressed quickly. Not only did she continuously improve, she progressed so much that she was able to ski free of instructors, and join her family on many new adventures in skiing.
I have always remembered her mantra, and live by it today. I know that no matter what, “We Can Do It.”

I realized that I wasn’t just the teacher, but I was the one being taught - that anything was possible – by my student. I thought I was there to teach, but I quickly realized that it was me who was learning the important lessons.

I have become a devoted volunteer, and look forward each year to seeing returning students and meeting new ones.

-- Joan Taylor