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Room 3

Contact:  Laurie Gendron, Consumer Care Coordinator
Phone:  585-334-6000 x2281

Who do we serve?
Individuals age 21-25 who are independent (for personal care, communication and supervision) in the community for at least 30 minutes.  Additionally, individuals must not need a barrier free environment.

What is our vision?
Room 3 is designed to assist individuals in learning new skills and build on existing skills to facilitate growth.  It is transitional in nature - we will be working on developing skills needed to explore future options including employment (through Employee Training Program, Workshop, ACCES-VR, or independently), secondary education, Site or Community Based Day Hab, and Volunteer Opportunities.

What kind of activities are available to participants?
Room 3 offers a wide variety of activities that are both Site and Community Based and focus on individuals' specific interests.  In addition to community outings and non-paid work experience (at locations such as Meals on Wheels, ABVI Goodwill, Salvation Army, Red Cross, YMCA, Tinker Park and U of R), we will access community based classes such as art, music, ceramics, photography and cooking.  We also offer classes in:  ADL skills to increase independence, community safety, job readiness skills, resume building, socialization/conflict resolution, self advocacy and many more based on individuals interests!   






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