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Family Dental Center

To make an appointment, call 585-402-7448.
The Family Dental Center is located at 1000 Elmwood Avenue (
map to the Family Dental Center)

CP Rochester's Family Dental Center is an accessible oral care clinic that welcomes all patients while specializing in the treatment of adults and children with developmental and/or physical disabilities. 

Patients with and without special needs can expect the very best dental care available, because CP Rochester designed its Family Dental Center with all patients in mind. The facility, which accommodates individuals with a variety of mobility challenges, includes a ceiling track/lift system for transfers from wheelchairs, customized treatment rooms, and state-of-the-art dental equipment including a panoramic x-ray machine. All of these features, plus a highly-skilled clinical staff, guarantee the best environment to maximize the effectiveness of each treatment.

Features of the Family Dental Center:

  • Specially-trained dentists and staff 
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Fully-accessible
  • Ceiling track and lift system
  • Customized dental chairs
  • Electronic medical records
  • Full diagnostic tools on-site including panoramic x-ray
  • Staff are experts at calming patients and reducing anxiety

There is a high incidence of periodontal and gum disease for people with physical or developmental disabilities, with causes ranging from genetics to difficulties with basic oral care. Education is an important component of the dentists' role. Instruction on daily oral care with a treatment regimen tailored to individual patient’s needs and abilities are essential objectives. CP Rochester's Family Dental Center knows the benefits of a great smile, and when individuals who formerly struggled with tooth brushing get to a state of good oral health, it has a very positive effect on self-confidence and overall wellness.

To schedule an appointment, call 585-402-7448.


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