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Occupational Therapy

Contact:  Patient Care Coordinator                                                                
Phone:  585-334-6000 x1045


CP Rochester’s team of Board-certified, licensed occupational therapists facilitate the maximum level of individual independence through the assessment and therapeutic treatment of physical/motor skills, cognitive skills, visual skills, and the ability to perform activities of daily living. Therapy is individualized, based on an individual’s evaluation, and can focus on:

·         relaxation of muscle tone (through modalities such as heat, massage, paraffin baths, vibration, etc.)

·         rehabilitation of upper extremity (through evidence-based strategies, electrical stimulation, etc.)

·         increasing upper extremity range of motion, motor coordination, and strength

·         increasing perceptual/cognitive and academic skills

·         preventing/improving contractures through orthotics and splinting

·         increasing independent living skills, or ADLs, though the use of adaptive equipment, compensatory strategies, or re-education with the use of the clinic’s adapted kitchen and bathroom



The occupational therapists also perform assessments and develop appropriate home perform assessments and develop appropriate home programs for sensory dysfunction


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