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Transition Apartments

This innovative housing opportunity in Monroe County provides a stepping stone allowing tenants leaving their family home or a certified residential setting, the opportunity to enhance their skill set as they move toward independent living.

CP Rochester opened their Transitional Apartments in late 2020. In this non-certified 7-unit apartment, individuals have their own one-bedroom apartment in a supportive setting. The living experience offers individuals access to staff during working hours and promotes independence and problem-solving. The small, secure apartment setting allows tenants to learn the skills necessary to be successful in an apartment while reducing risks, such as locking doors, checking visitors’ identities, learning to protect personal information, and more.

Community Habilitation staff meet with tenants one-on-one or in small groups to work on individual objectives. Staff utilize a combination of techniques to teach and reinforce new skills including observation, modeling, verbal prompting, and experiential learning. Individualized goals focus on skills development to succeed in community-based settings including cooking, cleaning, shopping, time management, appointment setting, safety skills, and appropriate communication with landlords, neighbors, doctors, and other natural and community supports.

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